Wedding Wine List

Before each Wine Story there is always a Love Story… Wines for your wedding day:

Because we are passionate about wine and people, we here at Wine Story think that everyone deserves wine that not only compliments their wedding menu but also reflects their personalities and tastes. So we work with the bride and groom to find the perfect wine companion for their big day.

Wines to start your married life in style:
Why not set up a Wine Story wedding list and start the wine cellar of your dreams? You can include wines, spirits and even private wine tuition by a Wine Story expert.

Wedding anniversary wine boxes: the perfect gift for a wedding

If you are invited to a wedding and you know that the bride and groom like wine, why not give them a wedding anniversary wine box to allow them to enjoy a different carefully selected wine on each of their wedding anniversaries? Each wedding wine box comes with an individually prepared note, congratulating your friends by name and listing for each wedding anniversary the wine recommended to be drunk that year, together with a recommendation for food to accompany it. Just let us know how many anniversaries you would like to help your friends celebrate!

“We knew Thibault provided the wine for our local French restaurant so thought we'd ask his for his advice and help in choosing wines for our wedding. He was really helpful in making suggestions to go with our menu and accommodating our budget and we were delighted with the wines we chose, as were our guests. So much so that we've just ordered several more cases to enjoy at our leisure.”

Leo & Sarah Sudea, London

"Wine Story has consistently delivered to me exceptional wines, for outstanding value over the past five years. Thibault's skill at unearthing some truly special wines really shines through with the Wedding Present service he provides: a selection of diverse, great value, excellent wines each tailored to mature on the first six anniversaries of the couple. The many heartfelt thank you cards I receive each year from all the good friends who have received this gift should really belong to Thibault."

Peter Clark

“Thibault provided all of the champagne and wines for our wedding. He made truly stunning choices for us, perfectly matched for the occasion and at highly competitive prices. To this day, three years later, we still receive such positive comments and lots of requests for Thibault’s details"

Stuart & Louise McKechnie