Domaine Jardin D'Edouard

Located in Chateau-Thébaud (light hillsides of schist soils, sandstone, granodiurite…from the Armorican Massif) south of Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, 20 mintues away from Nantes. 

The Vines are cultivated since 1900, and are 50 years old on average.

Clair Moreau, who had the vineyard from his grandfather, sold the vineyard to Edouard Massart, who shares the same passion.

Edouard took over the vineyard in 2013 and cultivates this family vineyard of 18 hectares, alongside with his busy athlete life. 

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Methode traditionnelle Sparkling Cascade de Brairon, NV

This fruity blend is easily be ...
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