Domaine Julien Frémont



Julien Frémont, situated in the Pays d’Auge, the smaller appellation in Calvados, in centre of Normandie, has 40 Ha of land including 15 Ha of orchard.

Calvados - which takes its title from the Normandy départment of that name, which in turn derives it from a group of rocks in a little bay almost opposite Havre on which a galleon of the Spanish Armada, named Calvador, foundered in 1588- is the brandy distilled from Normandy cider, in exactly the same way that Cognac is distilled in Charentes.

The classical use of calvados is “pour boucher le trou du milieu” of the long and copious Norman dinners.

Normandy may be too cold for grapes, but it is noted for its apple and pear orchards. Calvados has been made here since at least 1533, and probably earlier.

Julien Frémont has cows in his orchard, which is a perfect example of balanced permaculture. The apples are hand harvested, pressed, then starts the fermentation. Apples that are used to make cider are acidic/sour, bittersour, bittersweer and sweet. The cider that is used to make Calvados is made from a complex blend. The blend is unique to each producer. In order to protect the apple heritage of the region at least 20% of the trees planted in Calvados orchards must be local varieties. 

Calvados du Pays d'Auge, 5 Y.O 70 cl


Crisp spiced apple palate, with fresh juicy Cider notes on the nose and hints of “tarte tatin” on the finish.