Domaine Gérard Neumeyer



Gabrielle and Gerard Neumeyer exploit this vineyard of 16 hectares, located on the hills of the Grand Cru Bruderthal outside the town of Molsheim* in the north of the Alsace region (north of Bas-Rhin). Renowned since 1316 for its great vintage which, at the time, was a credit to the tables of the powerful and mighty, the Bruderthal enjoys all the necessary geographical conditions to grow exceptional vines. Facing the southwest, the vineyard benefits from the ideal amount of sunlight and excellent marly limestone soil. Having been established here for generations, the Neumeyer family work their land in depth to draw out its finest expressions while also protecting the environment by practising organic growing methods. In some cuvées, such as the Grand Cru, the hand harvest used throughout the vineyard is itself preceded by a green harvest in order to limit the production. In the cellar, all the wines age for several months on their lies before spending more time in wood casks in order to enhance their aromatic complexity.

* The town of Molsheim is also famous for its car maker, Ettore Bugatti, who founded his factory here in 1909. Today you can visit the Bugatti museum, which is very close to the Domaine Neumeyer.

Alsace Pinot Blanc “La Tulipe” 2017 75 cl - Organic

100% Pinot Blanc

Age: 33 years old vines

Ageing on lees in oak barrels

Alsace Riesling Grand Cru Bruderthal 2015/2017 75 cl - Organic

100% Riesling

Age: 38 years old vines

Ageing on lees in oak barrels

Alsace Pinot Gris Grand Cru Bruderthal 2013 75 cl

100% Pinot Gris

Age: 40 years old vines

Ageing on lees in oak barrels

Alsace Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Bruderthal 2016 75 cl

100% Gewurztraminer

Age: 40 years old

Ageing on lees in oak barrels