Domaine Patrice Barraud


Fleurie - Beaujolais

The Beaujolais region is made up of a band of 50 kilometres long and around 15 kilometres wide. Its rolling hills resemble the Tuscan countryside. The 10 different Beaujolais crus (of which Fleurie is one) are situated in an area with sandy, chalky and granite soil, with the 879 hectares that make up the Fleurie region (the 3rd largest Beaujolais Cru) lying in the centre of the Beaujolais region. The majority of the best Fleurie vineyards are situated around the hill of the Madonna (“La Madone”), named after the chapel dedicated to Notre Dame that sits on its summit. 
In an area called La Presle, Ludmilla and Patrice Barraud exploit 4 hectares of 50 year old vines. The vines are situated on the La Madone hillside, the best land in Fleurie, at 400 metres altitude. The age of the vines and the quality of the land (principally granite soil) produce an extremely fruity and well rounded Fleurie. To spend a couple of hours with the owners is to be plunged into a world of generosity, rediscovering the simple pleasures of life in the middle of unspoilt nature. Recreate that atmosphere at home by inviting friends over, cracking open one of Ludmilla and Patrice’s wines and sharing the contents of your fridge – let the world wait a while and relax.

Fleurie 2018 75 cl

100% Gamay - 50 year old vines