Domaine du Castel


Israel - Judean Hills

Winemaking starts at the vineyard...

The domaine founded in 1988 is at an average altitude of 700m. Most of the vines are on slopes facing north and some in deep valleys facing northwest where the hours of sunshine are shorter. As our hills are the first facing the Mediterranean Sea the vine
enjoy an excellent summer breeze even on the hottest days and in winter above average precipitation (usually 700mm). Most winters we get some snow but rarely heavy falls. The soil is terra rossa, clay and limestone with lots of stones and benefits from good drainage, especially as all the vineyards are on sloping ground. It is an ideal "wine country" soil, very similar to some of the best vineyards in the world. In the summer, the average daily temperatures are much lower than usual for the latitude and the prevailing winds are northwesterly. The nights are damp and cool and the days are very dry (35% average relative humidity), which is excellent for mold prevention. The temperature difference
between day and night averages at 10 degrees centigrade and can be as much as 16 degrees centigrade during the months of ripening. This is especially suitable to achieve good acidity and phenolic maturity. The harvest is done by hand.