Charente Spirit & Fruit Liqueurs

04 Feb 2013


Pineau des Charentes, Domaine Chevessac - Distillerie Merlet et Fils

Most Cognac producers also produce Pineau and there is almost as much variation in the colour, flavour and aroma of Pineau as there is between different Cognacs. Pineau is, in fact, a blend of Cognac and newly pressed grape juice with both the Cognac and the grape juice originating from the same vineyard. Cognac is added to the grape juice within one day of the pressing, which halts the fermentation process. The resulting combination of the two is then matured in oak casks. The Pineau des Charentes Chevessac by Merlet is matured for at least 4 years, resulting in a rich, full bodied, sweet liqueur wine. Pineau des Charentes should be served chilled as an aperitif or in place of wine, sherry or port.